Ch. Windstar's Simply Twisted
Ch. Honeynutt Perserverance  x  Shadyhill's Windstar Luvletters
                                                                                          Ch. Tri-Pod's Bug Off
                                                               Ch. Tri-Pod's Truth or Consequences
                                                                                       Ch. Tri-Pod's True To The Core
                               Ch. Honeynutt Perserverance
                                                                                       Ch. Winchester Without Warning
                                                               Ch. Honeynutt Avalanche
                                                                                       Aandant Antiek Lace
Ch. Windstar's Simply Twisted
                                                                                       JCT's Sorcerer
                                                               A/C Ch. JCT's Spenser For Hire
                                                                                       Yoshi 'N JCT's Nobraza
                               Shadyhill's Windstar Luvletters
                                                                                       Can Ch. Shadyhill's Peter Piper
                                                               Can Ch. Shadyhill's I'm Victoria
                                                                                       Shadyhill's Fringe 'O Frost