Windstar's Secrets In The Wind

                                                                          Ch. Lacie's Basic Black
                                                  Ch. Eights Eights Black Jag
                                                                          Ch. Eighty Eights Respect
                          Ch. Coldry's Sweet Sediction
                                                                          Ch. Westglen Blak Gammon
                                                  Ch. Our gang's Dark Victory
                                                                          Our Gang's Bubblin Brown Sugar
Ch. PBJ's N Juole's Jem Special Edition
                                                                          A/C/ Int/ Mex/ Grand UCI-FCI World Jr. Ch.  Hartlines Absolutely True
                                                  A/C Ch. Hartlines Ben Jam In
                                                                          A/C Ch. I-Ken_El's My Huckleberry Friend
                          Ch. Juole's Jem's Chocolate Deelyte
                                                                          Ch. JPK's Drecellent
                                                  Ch. B-Mac's Wiggle and A Walk
                                                                          Cherub's Infinity
                                                                          A/Braz/ Int. Ch. St'. James Brightman
                                                  Ch. St'. James N Harmony In The Mood
                                                                          St'. James Dusty In The Wind
                          Ch. Harmony N Lanmark's Simon Says
                                                                          A/C Ch. First Class El Toreador
                                                  Ky-Ann's Promise to Harmony
                                                                          Moonfyre's  Hannah For Ky-Ann
Lanmark's In the Eyes of Raven
                                                                          Ch. Skyward N Phantom Starpower
                                                  Ch. Keystone's Smoke N Ashes
                                                                          Ch. Keystone' N Hyerluv Kyss My Ash
                          Ch. Lanmark's Koal Miners Daughter
                                                                          Ch. Hillside's Pound Sterling
                                                  Jjb's Four Winds Emissary
                                                                          Bar-Mor's Sunflower