Canadian Champion
indstar's Illegal Contraband
My first sable/white that goes back to my
Justice and Conner.  I have waited a long
time for just the right girl....Thank you
Stacey for taking such good care of
Justice and to Lana, Jasmime's breeder.  
My soul boy continues .  
Jass finished her Championship title on 1/29/2010
multi BPIB & multi BPIG wins
I have to thank Julia and Richard for taking Jass and making her into the show
girl she has become....

                                                                                               Ch. Empire's Brooklyn Dodger (b/w)
                                                            Ch. Roadshow Intimidator (b/w)
                                                                                               Roadshow's-Sirius' Starstruk (tri)
                              Ch. Harmony's Special FX (tri)
                                                                                               Ch. Homespun's Hot Wheels (b/w)
                                                            Heirloom's Parti Popper (tri)
                                                                                               Heirloom's Pretty Penny (tri)
Ch. Harmony's Phantom of The Opera (tri)
                                                                                               Pearson's Top Of The Raenbow (r/w)
                                                            Cody's On His Way (b/w)
                                                                                               My Ida Ho Shady-Lady II (b/w)
                            Bailey's Cup Is Full (r/w)
                                                                                               Roadshow's Dream Chase (r/w)
                                                            Bailey's Coffee Pup (r/w)
                                                                                               B. J. Girls Hahn's Tri (tri)
                                                                                               Labell's Magic Legacy (sable/white)
                                                            Lauri's Jay's O'Rion (sable/white)
                                                                                               Tra-Sea's Raggady Ann (b/w)
                            Lanmark's  J and K's Homer T. Bone (sable/white)
                                                                                               Ruffles 'N K's Hershey Delight (br-tri)
                                                            Chipp's Pride and Joy (tri)
                                                                                               Pleasant Ebonine (b/w)
Lanmark's Family Tradition (sable/white)
                                                                                               Ch. Tri-Pod's Truth or Consequences (r/w)
                                                            Inter. Ch Windstar's Pay'n The Consequence (r/w)
                                                                                               Ch. Nosowea's  Lotta Peabody (r/w)
                            Lankota's Redheaded Stepchild (r/w)
                                                                                               Shalimar's  Clasic Image Maker (r/w)
                                                            Waltlin's  Neolady of Shalimar (r/w)
                                                                                               Lanmark's Way To Go Shiloh (r/w)