Ch. PBJ's  N Juole's Jem Special Edition

                                                                                                       Ch. Doggone's Black To The Future (black)
                                                         Ch. Lacie's Basic Black (black)
                                                                 Ch. JPK's Temperature Arising (black)
                                        Ch. Eighty Eights Black Jag (black-tan)
                                                                 Ch. Frandee's Forgery (black)
                                                         Ch. Eighty Eights Respect (black-white)
                                                                 Ch. Cashmere's Centerfold (black-tan)
                       Ch. Coldry's Sweet Seduction (black)
                                                                 Ch. Westglen Blak-A-Tak (black)
                                                         Ch. Westglen Blak-Gammon (black)
                                                                  Ch. Canyon Convicted of Forgery (black)
                                        Ch.  Our Gang's Dark Victory (black)
                                                                  Ch. Our Gang's Home To Harlem (black-tan)
                                                        Our Gang's Bubblin Brown Sugar (brown-tan)
                                                                Our Gang's Young and Foolish (black-tan)

Ch. PBJ's N Juole's Jem Special Edition

                                                                Ch. Afton's Absolut (buff)
                                                        Ch. Hartline's Absolutely True (black)
                                                                 Ch. Hartline's True To You  (black)                             
                                        Ch. Hartline's Bem Jam In (black)
                                                                 Ch. Marktime's Color Me Spellbound (brown)
                                                         Ch. I-Ken-El's My Huckleberry Friend (brown)
                                                                 Ch. I-Ken-El's My Irish Wild Rose (black-tan)
                       Ch. Joule's Jem Chocolate Deelyte (brown)
                                                                Ch. JPK's Heaven Sent (red-white)
                                                         Ch. JPK's Drexcellent  (brown-white-tan)
                                                                  JPK's Gossip Column (brown-white)
                                         Ch. B-Mac's Wiggle and A Walk (black)
                                                                A/C Ch. Bleumoon's Master of Illusion (brown)
                                                        Cherub's Infinity (black)
                                                                Ch. Cherub's Affair To Remember (black)