Ch. Dominique Mythical Design
Ch. Tri-Pod's Truth or Consequences x Ch. Dominique A Touch of Amber

                                                              Ch. Far-Ace JPK Pretty Boy Floyd
                                      Ch. Tri-Pod's Bug Off
                                                              Ch. Tri-Pod's Firefly
              Ch. Tri-Pod's Truth or Conequences
                                                              Ch. Tri-Pod's Fly Ball
                                      Ch. Tri-Pod's True To The Core
                                                              Ch. Tri-Pod's Wil O The Wind
Ch. Dominique Mythical Design
                                                              Ch. Feinlyne Argo
                                      Ch. VC's House Call
                                                              Ch. Longshots Personality Plus
              Ch. Dominique A Touch of Amber
                                                              Ch. Dazlin Rockit
                                      Ch. Dominique Amber Mist
                                                              Glenwild's White Gold