Ch. Jaywck's Kool Image
A/C Ch. Jaywyck's Kind of Kool  x  Windstar's Celestial Imagery
I would like to thank Judith Klepp for giving me the opportunity to bred my show first litter.
As a result of that breeding our first champion was produced.  
She was owned and loved by Judy.
                                                                                                                               Ch. J-don's Go For Broke
                                                                                       Ch. Dunmorr's Pocket Rocket
                                                                                                                               Ch. Moody's Courtroom Magic
                                                               Ch. Dalin's Way Cool
                                                                                                                               Ch. B Sky's Wrangler Cowboy
                                                                                       Ch. Charsi's Cassical Fantasy
                                                                                                                               Ch. Gammon's glad Tiding
                               A/C Ch. Jaywyck's Kind of Kool
                                                                                                                               Ch. Kamps' Kredit Kard
                                                                                       A/C Ch. Kamps' Kharge Kard
                                                                                                                               Ch. Kamps' Sylvan Acres Snoflake
                                                               Ch. Jaywyck's Kind of A Kard
                                                                                                                               Ch. Jaywyck's The One 'N Only
                                                                                       A/C Ch. Jaywyck's One of A Kind
                                                                                                                               Jaywyck's Wish Upon A Star
Champion Jaywyck's Kool Image
                                                                                                                               Ch. Shadowridge Signal Fire
                                                                                       Ch. Kamps' Kross Kountry
                                                                                                                               Ch. Kamps' Kountry Kiss
                                                               Ch. Krudoil Frekles
                                                                                                                               Ch. J-Don's XTC
                                                                                       Ch. Kamps' Kounty Kaper
                                                                                                                               Ch. Kamps' Kounty Krafts
                               Windstar's Celestial Imagery
                                                                                                                               Ch. Shadowridge Signal Fire
                                                                                       Ch. Kamps' Kountry Kooler
                                                                                                                               Ch. Kamps' Kountry Kiss
                                                               Neslyn-Moor Tri's Megan
                                                                                                                               Moody's Rocky Road
                                                                                       Neslyn-Moor Tri Baby JB
                                                                                                                               Neslyn-Moor Ms Pollyanna