Ch.Windstar's Final Pursuit of The Truth
Ch.  Windstar's Tomorrows Sunrise  x   Ch. Windstar's Trouble At Creekside

                                                                                            Ch. Tri-Pod's Bug Off
                                                                    Ch. Tri-Pod's Truth or Consequences
                                                                                            Ch. Tri-Pod's True To The Core
                            Ch. Windstar's Tomorrow's Sunrise
                                                                                            Ch. Barkin' Catcher In The Rye
                                                                    Windstar's Catch Her In A Lye
                                                                                            Windstar's Cn't Hide Those Lyin Eyes
Ch. Windstar's Final Pursuit of The Truth
                                                                                            A/C Ch. Shadyhill's The Skys The Limit
                                                                    Ch. LCJems Run For Cover
                                                                                            Ch. Somerset's In The Fast Lane
                            Ch. Windstar's Trouble At Creekside
                                                                                            Ch. Tri-Pod's Truth or Consequences
                                                                    Ch. Windstar's In My Sisters Eyes
                                                                                            Ch. Honeynutt Avalanche